Our digital network of screens is designed to upgrade building communication in a clear and attractive format. MPact provides the Condo Network as well as all equiptment and installation to the participating condominiums completely complimentary! We provide each Condo with service customized to the needs of the Property Manager and the Condominium Board. MPact gives you a choice over content and access to the system, allowing management to update condo specific slides with pertinent information for the residents on a daily basis.

    Program Highlights

  • 10-60 minute loop repeated 24/7
  • Participating Condos receive 20% of loop length devoted to generic info. For example, news, weather & sports.
  • The Management Team of participating condos receive a message displayed on the Network
  • Each sponsor may promote a special incentive for your residents and management team
  • MPact locates sponsors that want to promote their business in your location, ie: medical offices or local restaurants
  • Each participating Condo will receive 10% of all revenue collected from sponsorship campaigns.
  • LCD Screens are installed in the Lobby, near the Elevators or Mail Room in Condominiums, Rental Properties and Lofts